Sword - Infantry Officer's Sword (1897 pattern)
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Sword - Infantry Officer's Sword (1897 pattern) - approved Branch Sword

Approved Canadian Armed Forces ceremonial pattern

Blade: Forged stainless steel blade, hardened to approx. 48-52° HRC Rockwell, well-tempered and hand-polished.

Dimensions: 825 mm x 6 x 25 mm. 

Acid etched 2 sides with the Canadian Coat of Arms and the royal cypher.

Guard: Pierced steel guard with royal cipher, hand-polished and nickel-plated with nickel-plated brass cap.

Grip: Covered with genuine shark skin with 3 silver wires.

Scabbard: Nickel-plated and hand-polished steel tube with 2 attachment rings.

To order this sword, Contact Guthrie Woods at Telephone: (613) 831-6115 or at guthriewoods.com

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Sword - Infantry Officer's Sword (1897 pattern)

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