Mask and Carrying case - Blue Line
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Black Mask with Thin Blue Line to denote support to Law Enforcement

100 % Cotton masks

Made in Canada by a local supplier

4 Pleats on mask: (The folds expand so that you have more air flowing through the fabric itself instead of leaking out through gaps at the sides of the mask.)


Mask Measures 22 cms long x 9.5 cms wide

Carrying case (which is sold seperately) measures 16cms x 11.5 cms

Additional masks can be purchased at reduced price

The thin blue line has become a symbol synonymous with law enforcement officers. Law Enforcement has taken on the symbol of a thin blue line to represent the same solidarity and commitment to being the line that separates good from evil, society from chaos.

  • Item #: KS-090

Mask and Carrying case - Blue Line

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