E-Book - For Love of Country - Military Policewomen
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E-Book by Silva Redigonda. A hard copy of this book will be available soon.

Silva Redigonda spent twenty years as a Military Policewoman in the Canadian Armed Forces working at home and abroad.

This book allows the reader to journey with Silva as she travels to countries including Europe and the Middle East. Furthermore, this book chronicles her journey to self discovery.

This is an an eBook, which is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by using a personal computer or by using an eBook reader. This e-book is being sold at the introductory price of $9.99 which is half off the price at bookstores.

Once purchased, you will receive a separate email with download instructions and a link to the book.

This book is downloaded as an EPUB file used by E-readers and computers that are able to read this file format.

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E-Book - For Love of Country - Military Policewomen

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