CMPA Retirement Credentials - Replacement ID Card
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PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing a Replacement ID card that was issued due to error(s) on the card and NOT for the initial card purchase.

Do not purchase this replacement card unless you want your present card changed for some sort of issue

Please chose your type of card (RETIRED or VETERAN)

Reference - CMPA Benefits - Retirement Credentials - By Law 6

Every attempt is made to ensure that the wording on the CMPA Retirement Credentials ID card is correct.

If an ID Card is improperly worded, CMPA will replace the Card at no cost to the member unless the error is attributed to the member incorrectly completing the requisition form.

If the photo is not to your liking or out dated, a new photo will be prepared. In this instance a replacement ID Card will be made at the retiring member’s expense.

Purchase the Replacement ID Card and the CMPA Retirement Credentials Coordiantor will contact you for the correct information.

If applicable, ensure a new photo is sent to the CMPA Retirement Credentials Coordiantor.


  • Item #: CMPA-005

CMPA Retirement Credentials - Replacement ID Card

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