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Ref:  CMPA By Law #1 - Membership

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Membership in the Canadian Military Police Association (CMPA) is voluntary. To be eligible for membership, an applicant must be serving or have served, and been honourably released from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as a member of the Military Police Branch in either the Regular or Reserve force, or any of its Army, Air Force or Naval antecedents: Canadian Provost Corps, Royal Canadian Air Force (Air Force Police), or Royal Canadian Navy (Naval Regulating Service). (Some conditions apply)and your information will be passed to the Membership Co-ordinator

There are three ways to become a CMPA Lifetime member:

a.   Automatic Member: If you have paid your CMPA membership for five or more consecutive years at any time during your career, or you are in possession of any CMPA Departure gift, you are automatically a Lifetime member at no further cost and will receive your membership card.  

b.  Delinquent Member:  If you joined the CMPA at any given time during your career and paid your membership dues intermittently, but not consecutively for five years, youhave become delinquent in your dues. You may pay your delinquent dues up to a maximum of five years below and by doing so, you become a Lifetime member and receiveyour membership card; or

c.  Never a member: For those who have never been a member of the CMPA, you will be required to purchase a Lifetime membership below and by doing so, you become aLifetime member and receive your membership card.

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