CMPA Departure Gift - Shadow Box
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Reference - CMPA Benefits - Departure Gift - By Law 5

To recognize a member’s service to the Military Police at the time of release or retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), members of the Canadian Military Police Association (CMPA), whose membership is in good standing, may receive a Departure Gift to commemorate their service. Some restrictions apply. 

Before any CMPA Departure gift will be prepared, the application form at By Law 5, Annex A - must be completed and submitted

CMPA members of the Regular and Reserve Force, who were entitled to MP credentials during their military career, and who release or retire, may be presented with the CMPA Departure Gift of the following design: 

a.  the CMPA Departure Gift will be in the form of a wooden shadow box containing a red and black backing and a lid with a viewing window;

b.  the member’s original MP badge may be mounted inside the shadow box.  Where the original badge is not available, a replica will be used in its place and will be inscribed “Retired” or “Veteran” in place of a badge number, depending on whether the member is in receipt of an annuity;

c.   if more than one badge number was issued to the member, the departure gift will contain only the most recent MP Badge; and

d.   an appropriate inscription that includes the member’s name and initials, rank (at time of release/retirement) Post Nominals and range of service will be attached.

Click Here for more information about the CMPA Departure gift and eligibility along with the Departure Gift Application form.

Do not purchase this CMPA Departure Gift until you have verified your eligibility at Reference.

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CMPA Departure Gift - Shadow Box

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