Book -A History of the RCAF Police and Security Services
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A History of the Royal Canadian Air Force Police and Security Services, by Colonel (Ret’d) Ronald J. Donovan and Lieutenant Colonel (Ret’d) David V. McElrea… is an eye-opening look at one of Canada’s most vital military resources. Spanning over forty years, the book provides the reader with the rare opportunity to have a behind-the-scenes look at this arm of Canada’s Military during both wartime and peacetime, and through its challenges, evolution, and many successes. The authors describe in careful detail the specialty police and security training and expertise developed over the years, which came to include women as well as men. They seamlessly place the changing operational roles and mandate of Canada’s Air Force Police and Security Services in the political climate of the times, including the introduction of nuclear-capable aircraft and modem technology. This diligently documented history is complemented with a number of anecdotes that give us a feel for life as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force Police, as only one who has served could do. Stories such as “The Case of the Stolen Jewellery,” The Case of the Impostor,” and “The Case of Manslaughter” will keep you intrigued. This thorough, well-illustrated book should not be overlooked.

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Book -A History of the RCAF Police and Security Services

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