Fallen Military Police Commemorative Coin
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Support Visually Impaired Children and Remember our Fallen Comrades

Recently the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal approved a serialized remembrance coin for our fallen Military Police members.

This new coin will pay tribute to members of our military police community who have served their country and died in the line of duty or through illness or injury.

All proceeds from the sale of this coin will be donated to the Military Police Fund for Blind Children (MPFBC). www.mpfbc.com

The serialized coin costs $24.99 plus shipping.

If you wish to order a coin, place your order, PAY FOR IT, and we will ship you the coin as we now have them in stock.

Please contact R.J. (Bob) Smith for more information reference the coin at robertsmith@rogers.com

We regret that requesting specific serial numbers can not be entertained. Serialized coins will be issued based on purchase date.

If you purchase the Blue velvet display box with this coin, you will receive 20% off the purchase price of the Blue velvet display box. Enter Coupon code CC003 at checkout.


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Fallen Military Police Commemorative Coin

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